Philochem is a fully-owned affiliate of the Philogen group. The company is based in Otelfingen (Zurich, Switzerland) and was founded in 2006 with the mission to innovate target discovery, ligand discovery and small molecule therapeutics.

Philochem’s strategy is to deliver bioactive agents to the site of disease, helping spare normal tissues. The company accomplishes this ambitious goal thanks to excellence in the following chemical technologies:

1. Design, construction and screening of encoded combinatorial libraries, for the identification of small molecule ligands against disease targets. Philochem is a leader in the field of DNA-encoded chemical libraries

2. Discovery and characterization of fully human monoclonal antibodies and cyclic peptides. Philochem has generated proprietary combinatorial phage display libraries containing more than 100 billion members for both fully human antibodies and cyclic peptides

3. Discovery and validation of pharmaceutical targets for ligand-based pharmacodelivery. Philochem uses state-of-the-art chemical proteomics technologies for the identification of accessible targets and for the characterization of the mechanism of action.

4. Development of small molecule therapeutics, with the potential to achieve an unprecedented level of activity and selectivity. Philochem is performing pioneering work for the ligand-based delivery of drugs, radionuclides and immunomodulators.
Philochem has successfully discovered and validated promising small molecule therapeutics, which have progressed to clinical trials.