Onco IX (PHC-102, Imaging)

Onco IX (PHC-102) is a 99mTc labelled small molecule radiotracer for the non-invasive detection of carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX) expressed on the surface of solid tumors.
The product consists of (i) an acetazolamide ligand derivative specific to CAIX, (ii) a non-cleavable spacer and (iii) a peptide chelator.


CAIX is a validated target, which is not only expressed in the vast majority of Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), but also in other hypoxic tumors (e.g.,  a proportion of Colorectal Carcinoma and High-Grade Glioma).
In preclinical studies, Onco IX has demonstrated a high tumor uptake and favourable tumor-to-organ ratios.
The in vivo targeting properties of Onco IX have been validated both in preclinical models and in human patients with advanced RCC tumors.


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