Ligand discovery is a central step in the development of new targeted pharmaceutical agents.

In close collaboration with ETH Zurich, we have developed breakthrough technologies for ligand discovery (e.g., DNA-encoded chemical libraries) and in the field of chemical proteomics (e.g., in vivo biotinylation, MHC peptidome analysis).

The ability to discover ligands to pharmaceutical targets of interest can be used for many biomedical applications.

In addition to the antibody-based, targeted delivery of biotherapeutics developed by Philogen, Philochem develops small molecule ligands with antibody-like properties. The resulting targeted small molecule therapeutics consist of small organic ligands, which are coupled to (i) cytotoxic agents (small molecule drug conjugates), (ii) radionuclides (small molecule radio conjugates), (iii) immunomodulatory payloads (synthetic bispecifics), or (iv) adaptors for universal Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell therapy.

Our ability to characterize disease-associated targets and to perform MHC peptidome analysis paves the way to novel pharmaceutical applications.


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