Dario Neri - Antibody-drug conjugates targeting the tumor neo-vasculature
6th Annual PEGS Conference, Boston (USA), 16 May 2010.

Dario Neri - Overview on molecular ligand- and target-systems in cancer
3rd European Conference for Clinical Nanomedicine, Basel (Switzerland), 11 May 2010.

Dario Neri - Curing cancer with vascular targeting antibody derivatives
Lecture at the University of Milano (Italy), 30 April 2010.

Dario Neri - Identification of disease-specific marker molecules
DFG-Excellence Academy Molecular Imaging, Aachen (Germany) 27 April 2010.

Fabian Buller - DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries: Ligand Discovery by High-Throughput Sequencing Keystone Symposium -New Directions in Small Molecule Drug Discovery, April 20th-25th, Whistler, BC, Canada.

Dario Neri - Angiogenesis: where are we now?
7th Annual ENETS Conference, Berlin (Germany) 11 March 2010.

Christoph Rösli - New proteomic methodologies for the discovery of accessible markers of disease
Lecture in the frame of the seminar series on Drug Discovery and Development of the Insitute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, ETH Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland) 10 March 2010.

Dario Neri - Antibody-based vascular targeting
Lecture at Kudos Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge (UK) 4 February 2010.

Dario Neri - Chemical proteomics for the discovery of vascular targets of disease
Lecture at MedImmune, Cambrdige (UK) 3 February 2010.

Christoph Rösli - Label-free relative protein quantification using MALDI-TOF MS and the DeepQuanTR software
Maldi Tof Tof Day 2010 of Applied Biosystems, Darmstadt (Germany), 26 January 2010.

Dario Neri - Vascular targeting
Lecture at Sanofi-Aventis, Frankfurt (Germany) 14 January 2010.